SSAT’s networks offer membership to schools in all phases of education across the country and worldwide. Establishing strong communities of schools that connect like-minded school leaders and teachers, membership inspires through a range of benefits that are refreshed to adapt to changes in the educational landscape. Membership is designed with your school in mind whilst incorporating two main ideas:


We listen to our members, who place the utmost importance and value on being part of a network of like-minded teachers and leaders. A collaborative community enables schools to reach out to each other and grow stronger together. SSAT membership ensures that you are part of a larger community, a community of people in similar, sometimes identical situations who have the same aspirations and challenges. Being part of an SSAT network helps and supports you in realising these aspirations and overcoming the challenges.


Being an SSAT member also means you are reassured that what you are doing is right and that your successes are recognised and rewarded. Every single member school has the opportunity to contribute to our renowned annual education conferences including the National Conference through teacher-led presentations and student performances. Our publications, free to access in our online members-only area, encourage all schools to have their say for a schools-led vision for education. And SSAT’s Student Leadership Accreditation gives official recognition for student achievements in and out of school.

Secondary Membership

SSAT’s Secondary Network is the largest and longest-standing network of secondary schools in the UK. With a range of benefits designed to create opportunities, inspire, and encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration with purpose, there are many ways to support you, your school and students.

Primary Membership

The SSAT Primary Network works closely with schools and academies in primary education to support school leaders and teachers in their mission to develop and shape the future of young people. Our membership offer reflects on the changes in primary education and the needs of the country’s primary phase educators.

Special Schools and SEN Membership

The SSAT Special Schools and SEN Network continues to thrive and provide extensive support for special schools and mainstream SEN leaders. Through National conferences, regional workshops, CPD courses and online forums, the network supports the development and exchange of specialist knowledge and understanding, celebrating practice innovation and keeping pace with SEND policy.


iNet Global Membership

iNet (international networking for educational transformation) is the international arm of SSAT, with members in schools across the globe. iNet Global’s mission is to create powerful and innovative networks of schools that have committed themselves to achieving systematic, significant and sustained change that ensures outstanding outcomes for students in all settings. SSAT member schools based in England are automatically also members of iNet Global.

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