Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP)

Effective Teaching for Effective Learning

TEEP woke us up, made us feel like NQTs again, gave us a new confidence, it changed our whole ethos and it made us fall in love with teaching again.

The SSAT Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) is a teaching and learning framework that is proven to improve teaching and school outcomes. TEEP provides continuing professional development for teachers and develops community within a whole school context. The TEEP framework draws on significant research, best practice and evidence that has identified what is required of teachers and learners in order to gain the best learning outcomes possible.

TEEP inspires a collaborative culture and establishes high quality teaching and learning across your school or organisation. The TEEP framework is flexible, not prescriptive. The framework validates teachers’ expertise while providing insight into new effective teaching strategies, which nurture lifelong learners and improve pedagogical practice.

TEEP lesson plan
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TEEP Lesson Plan

What is TEEP?

The Impact

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An introduction to TEEP

The impact of TEEP

Who TEEP is for

TEEP is designed for all school staff who want to develop their own and their colleagues’ teaching practice, reflecting on existing strategies that are working well and building on what could be even better.

TEEP packages are offered to:

  • Whole schools – all staff who drive teaching and learning in a school.
  • Small groups – teacher learning communities in a school or cluster of schools.
  • Individuals – individuals at any stage of their career to advance their pedagogical effectiveness.
  • Cohorts of practitioners – practitioners from a school or cluster of schools, designed depending on the practitioners’ requirements.

How the TEEP framework is structured

TEEP provides a structure to guide and support more effective teaching and learning and an understanding of the learning process for teacher and learner.

The TEEP framework is made up of three components represented in the TEEP model diagram:

  1. Whole school level: Effective teacher and learner behaviours.
  2. Curriculum level: The five underpinning elements of effective practice.
  3. Classroom level: The TEEP learning cycle.

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How TEEP training works

TEEP training comprises three levels of competency to ensure scalability and sustainability. Whole school training comprises of three days for all staff to complete level 1, and two days for a core group of staff to complete level 2 across the year.

TEEP Level 3 is a commitment of three days training for a small number of staff interested in becoming TEEP trainers.

Level 1 – ensures consistency in the TEEP framework and its translation into school context. Includes all enrolled staff in the whole school package.

Level 2 – embeds and develops teaching and learning excellence using the TEEP framework. Builds on the experience of level one for a core group of teachers.

Level 3 – train the trainer – develop your own in-house TEEP trainers. Creates opportunities for staff to train within their school context or nationally.

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