In school training for students

We offer a range of accredited in-school training workshops designed to develop and embed the crucial skills your student leaders need to be effective in their roles.

Delivered by an experienced SSAT Education Lead, each workshop session is three hours long and involves interactive activities to help students practice and embed the relevant skills. Workshops can be delivered on a date and time convenient to you with a group of up to 30 students. You can also combine two workshops into a full day of fun and learning. All participants will receive a certificate to show they have completed SSAT accredited training.

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Workshops available:

Student Leadership Skills

Providing a solid grounding in leadership theory and practical application, this workshop will build confidence in your leaders in all roles. The workshop explores:

  • What makes a good leader?
  • Turning vision into reality through effective action planning and managing change.
  • Successful communication and public speaking.

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School Council Training

This practical workshop will cover all of the skills your newly appointed student council will need in order to be effective in their roles, including:

  • The roles and functions of a school council including elections, budgets and constitutions
  • How to run your own meetings – writing agendas and minutes
  • Marketing and communications

Students will leave with personalised, detailed action plans that they can put straight into practice.

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Students as Learning Partners (SaLP)

Students as Learning Partners (SaLP) is a model of student observations, which is entirely non-judgemental and teacher-led. Students are invited into a teacher’s lesson to observe, with a particular focus identified by the teacher. Students then give feedback based solely on the agreed focus, making the observation formative rather than critical. Unlike student observer models, this initiative is teacher-led and has tighter aims. Students who engage in SaLP are shown to do better in their own lessons, whilst teachers who get feedback from students tend to improve their practice as a result.

The workshop includes:

  • What good learning looks like
  • Research and observation skills
  • The language of feedback

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Peer Mentors

The whole school benefits when pupils gain effective mentoring skills. Mentors grow in confidence and develop important skills, mentees learn from relatable, experienced role models and schools are able to cultivate a purposeful community of learning. SSAT can provide training for mentors to ensure that they are able to tackle their roles with confidence, developing their planning, organisational and communication skills.

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Student Researchers

Involving students in planning and evaluation requires them to investigate, analyse and present information in a meaningful way. Student researchers develop the knowledge and skills required to undertake meaningful research projects. They also develop their own skill set in terms of team working, research for learning, self-confidence and time management. Student research can contribute greatly to the quality of Student Voice in the school environment. This workshop covers key research skills including:

  • Different methodologies including questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and observations
  • Active listening skills and effective use of questions
  • Analysing data and report writing, Making recommendations

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