SSAT offers schools and teachers a vast range of CPD provided by our highly-experienced educational staff.

Our professional development and school improvement programmes help leaders and teachers to further outcomes for all young people and develop leadership at all levels across the system.

We do this by providing a framework for exceptional education focused on teaching and learning, professional practice and leadership.

Teaching and Learning

Teachers need professional development that supports them to engage with evidence, enact it in classrooms, embed practice consistently and extend their support to colleagues.

Programmes such as Embedding Formative Assessment, Lead Practitioner Accreditation and the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme help develop consistent, sustainable cultures of high-quality teaching and learning, tailored to the school context.


SSAT’s curriculum support for schools builds on our work with Dylan Wiliam’s Principled Curriculum Design (2013). We believe school leaders and teachers are best placed to design a curriculum that works in their context. There is no one-size-fits-all approach: curriculum design should build on the expertise of subject specialists and practitioners.

Accountability and Data

SSAT offers a wide range of training events, in-school consultancy and resources, including our unique, powerful, Educational Outcomes resource for KS2, KS4 and KS5. Whether you are considering support to get to grips with data, want to ensure self-evaluation is accurate, or ensure your school community is ready for inspection, you will find what you need at SSAT.


SSAT is a national provider of training and development for school leaders. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and of our thousands of leadership alumni who inspire and impact others daily. Whether you are beginning your leadership journey or are a system leader, our cutting edge programmes will enable you to be the best leader you can be.

School Improvement

SSAT recognise teachers and leaders everywhere are striving to overcome different challenges to deliver a world class learning experience for the children they serve. Built around SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education (FfEE) we offer a range of solutions through in-school support and supported self-evaluation tools covering all school priority areas.


SSAT’s coaching training and support is designed to support leaders and practitioners get the best out of people, build positive working and learning cultures and maximise performance. SSAT coaching programmes will equip you with knowledge and skills to empower others to find their own solutions to issues and pathways to achieve their goals.

Student and Pupil Leadership

SSAT’s student and pupil leadership and voice activity builds on our work on Personalising Learning and on excellent practice across our networks. Young people can have a profound impact on their schools. Involvement in leadership and voice activities can improve learning and support the development of skills and traits needed for success outside the classroom.


SSAT offers a wide range of publications and resources to support you and your school, ranging from school improvement to thought-provoking pamphlets tackling the biggest issues facing educators today.