Improving whole school attendance and punctuality programme

At SSAT we know from our conversations with school leaders that securing and maintaining high levels of attendance, whatever your context and no matter what the challenges, has to be tackled as a priority.

The links between good attendance, progress and attainment and future success are evidenced in research and outcomes in schools and destinations. We know that in school, every day matters and every learning experience counts towards a successful future for individual learners.

This programme will:

  • Provide an independent review of your school / academy’s attendance and punctuality systems and strategies
  • Suggest new approaches to further improve attendance and punctuality rates

We were able to share successful strategies and utilise your experiences and expertise to identify strategies that we could adopt or strengthen to improve our provision.

How will this programme benefit my school / academy?

  • Work with SSAT who will provide an independent and specialist focus on reviewing your whole school attendance and punctuality systems and procedures.
  • Work with an experienced Senior Education Lead to identify examples of good practice and strategies to improve attendance and punctuality.
  • Receive an independent evaluation of your systems and the impact on whole school attendance and persistent absence.

Including in the programme are the following stages:

  1. A pre-visit audit tool to evaluate your whole school practices covering the following seven focus areas:
    1. Attendance and Punctuality Policy and Strategy: A focus on the policy and strategies used to address attendance and punctuality.
    2. Leadership and Management of Attendance and Punctuality: An overview of the roles and responsibilities undertaken by staff and the relationship between stakeholders to monitor and improve attendance and punctuality.
    3. Aims, Targets and KPI’s: Explore the specific targets and key performance indicators for the school/academy.
    4. Systems and Procedures: An analysis of the criteria and monitoring procedures to support improvements in attendance and punctuality.
    5. Monitoring and Evaluation: What are the particular methods and what is the evaluation framework used to monitor, challenge and evaluate attendance approaches and procedures to support improving attendance?
    6. Attendance Data and Interventions: How is data used and analysed to support improvements to attendance and punctuality?
    7. Parental and Community Engagement: How has the school/academy engaged and raised the profile of attendance with the wider community?
  2. A half-day visit to your school from a Senior Education Lead to review and discuss the school’s systems and strategy with staff who have a strategic responsibility for monitoring and reviewing attendance and punctuality.
  3. A follow-up report providing feedback and identifying further areas to focus on and new strategies to implement.

Further information

  • £1075 + VAT – SSAT members
  • £1290 + VAT – SSAT non-members

If you would like support in attendance and punctuality but think you might need something more bespoke for your school’s context, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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Throughout the attendance review process you maintained an open, honest and supportive approach whilst still providing clear challenge to our current practice at the academy. The review was a two-way process where we were able to share successful strategies with you and utilise your experiences and expertise to identify strategies that we could adopt or strengthen to improve our provision. You have given us some clear areas for development that will further improve attendance and attendance practices at our academy. These have been adopted and now form part of our Academy Improvement Plan. We very much enjoyed the time you spent with us and look forward to working with you in the future.

Vince Green
Principal, Bristnall Hall Academy