We know that the SEND figures are rising year on year

We know that the SEND figures are rising year on year. We know that we will have a legacy of poor mental health resulting from the pandemic for years to come. We know that most LA’s high-needs budgets are overspent. We know that specialist provision and specialist services are at breaking point.

Qualifications for all?

As we approach the General Election, little has been said by either of the major parties about what will happen to qualifications if they are elected. This is despite the curriculum and qualifications framework having been in place for at least 10 years.

Early Education: Ensuring every child has a strong start

Senior Education Lead and Head of our Primary Network, Laura Burton, explores what is emerging on the political landscape around early years education and childcare as we head towards the General Election and what more is needed to ensure every child has the strong start they deserve.


I have lost count of the times that I have driven along the ‘D-Day route’ in Normandy and visited the American war cemetery at Omaha beach.

Part II: Parental Choice

Hearing that I had failed to secure a place for the twins at my first choice was a hard blow. My Mum said that in her day, parents accepted where children were offered a place.