From green to purple: The impact of EFA on feedback culture

A culture of risk-taking and collaboration, a focus on workload reduction and staff wellbeing, and a commitment to changing the feedback policy have underpinned the successful adoption of the Embedding Formative Assessment programme at St Julie’s Catholic High School.

World environment day

World Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on 5 June to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions to protect our planet.

House is a Home!

House at BISR (British International School Riyadh) is about belonging. We cultivate belonging in everything that we do, from the sports events to the mentoring to the workshops we organise. So far this year, House has worked hard to provide opportunities to nurture a sense of community and belonging within BISR.

Students leading the way

As we move through the summer term many schools will be organising elections and re-examining the structures that support their student leaders. Student leadership is no longer the sole domain of the student council, in many schools and academies student leadership roles appear throughout year groups and in a variety of guises including Sports Leaders, Peer Mentors, Student Ambassadors and student Subject Leaders.

Lead Practitioner: Creating agents of change

What is an SSAT Lead Practitioner? What do they do? Ultimately, everything an LP does can and should enhance the daily lived experience of learners in their school and beyond, but just as important (particularly at this time of a crisis in teacher retention) it enhances the daily lived experience of colleagues, raising morale and fulfilling our moral purpose in education.

SSAT Women in Leadership and Education

Thank you to everyone who joined us for SSAT’s Women in Leadership and Education event on 4 May. The contributions of all our speakers and participants made for a powerful, thought provoking and truly inspirational day.