School Diversity Week 2022

School Diversity Week is a huge celebration of LGBT+ inclusion that takes place every June, opening up much-needed conversations about acceptance.

The Four Pillars

SSAT’s “Four Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design” now has versions for mainstream primary and secondary and special schools. Over the coming weeks, SSAT’s senior education leads, Alex Galvin and Colin Logan, will be looking at each of the four pillars in turn.  Today, Colin looks at how the resource developed and focuses on the first pillar, intent.

Early Leadership Development – my story

I started teaching at the turn of the millennium. Reflecting on my early years, I am massively grateful for the many opportunities I was given to grow in a supportive culture that trusted me to take on leadership responsibility, even while I still had so much to learn.

Opportunities and relationships

Our third Summer Series event focused on one question: What makes the difference for a child or young person who is disadvantaged, vulnerable or in crisis?

Giving voice to our students of colour

Caludon Castle has always been a diverse school, situated in the north of Coventry. It’s not an easy process for a school to look into itself and see if, and how, racism is a problem. The difficulty comes from the structural and societal racism that impacts all of us (particularly challenging for white people to recognise), but also from the uncomfortable ‘truths’ that might be brought forward. Particularly tough when the school perception previously was that we were doing things well!

A good time to reflect

SSAT’s Summer Series event in April focused on creating anti-racist school communities. We were honoured to be able to draw on the knowledge, experience and insight of British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and film maker Professor David Olusoga, who provided a keynote input that was thought provoking, empowering and moving.