SSAT Summer Series: A pamphlet

Over the course of the summer term of 2021, a series of online events brought together leaders from all phases across the country and further afield. Angelina Idun, Director at SSAT writes.

Early Career Teacher Inspirations

Angelina Idun, Director at SSAT, reflects on the launch of the SSAT Early Career Teacher Inspirations launch event that took place earlier in the week, as we welcome new teachers to the profession.

NQT Inspirations

SSAT Director Angelina Idun reviews highlights from the launch of SSAT NQT Inspirations which welcomed new teachers to the profession and looks forward to working with others to support new teachers.

Strengthening Parental Partnership

Angelina Idun, Director at SSAT provides a snapshot of conversations with colleagues about parental engagement with school, and introduces a resource to help you strengthen and celebrate your work in this area.

Black Lives Matter

In the light of recent events that have shocked the world, Angelina Idun, director at SSAT, shares personal insights on race, inequality and discrimination. Writing this has not come easy. I have stopped and started quite a few times over
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