Women in Leadership in Education

Leadership progression in education is not a level playing field. Whether deliberately or unwittingly, women, and particularly women from ethnic minorities are frequently disadvantaged.

How coaching can help us in our schools

It continues to be a pleasure to have conversations with teachers and leaders, about how coaching is being approached in their schools, and how they are planning to develop this aspect of their work, to more greatly benefit staff and students.

7 tips to help secondary schools diversify the curriculum

For years and years, the secondary curriculum in the UK has suffered criticism for being lacking in representation of the UK’s population today. According to Demie and Harris (2019, 2020), “the British school curriculum focuses on British culture and history and ignores ethnic minorities in the curriculum”.

The Hayling College: An EFA Case Study

The Embedding Formative Assessment programme is a priority at The Hayling College – for classroom practice, CPD, staff wellbeing and autonomy, and reducing workload…

Women in Leadership and Education – Katharine Carruthers OBE

Katharine Carruthers OBE is Director of the Mandarin Excellence Programme at the IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. Katharine is an international expert on the teaching of Chinese and a driving force behind the teaching of Chinese in schools in England.

Women in Leadership and Education – Chloe Richards – Leader of Learning, Colham Manor Primary School, Uxbridge

Failure has been an essential element of my journey into early leadership. In my early 20s, I found myself as a newly qualified teacher working across a cluster of schools where the environment was toxic. I felt disillusioned and uninspired by the work ethic and at the age of 24, I left the education profession in pursuit of a career which would make me feel motivated and capable.