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The Global Equality Collective (GEC) is the world’s biggest grassroots collective of inclusion and well-being experts and creator of the multi-award winning, ‘GEC Platform’, the first hyper-diversity framework and platform for education.

Here are some ways we can support staff and students and teachers

When it comes to BHM, the GEC recommends reviewing #BMH23 in terms of if it is a moment or a movement for your organisation. (Watch the video by our CEO & Founder Nic Ponsford on this here).

Really consider how you can both celebrate this as an awareness day and look to embed it into your current curriculum, with the aim of usualising it for your students and their families.

GEC KnowHow

Our new GEC ‘KnowHow’ collections for your bookshelves and playlists – ‘5 Books for Black History Month and Beyond’, selected by Global Equality Collective experts is how you can startGEC ‘KnowHow’ the conversations around Black History Month today.

GEC Platform

Check out the GEC Platform. Academically tested, now used by hundreds of schools across 25 countries, our framework and inbuilt coaching and CPD hub, is the one stop shop for everything inclusive! We simplify the process of working towards better diversity, equity and inclusion in schools. We start with your staff and then bring in the students. As members of the Global Equality Collective you get access to all of the tools, intelligence and information you need to get your DEI together. Come join the inclusion revolution today – read more here.

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