Making student leadership effective in special schools and specialist settings

How do you ensure that student voice and student leadership is both meaningful and effective?

This new online course includes pre-recorded content and a live seminar with Pauline Holbrook. The course is for any colleagues in specialist settings including those with responsibility for pupil leadership in primary/all through special schools. The course is structured to ensure that you have the skills and confidence to develop in your role in your unique school context.

Student leadership has been shown to be the driving force behind many of the most successful schools in our network; but getting it right can be hard. All too often, student leadership is, at best, a token focusing on superficial ways to involve children in school life. But a few simple and tested strategies can ensure that student leaders’ work makes a positive and powerful impact on the outcomes for students.

The role of student voice leads can be difficult, as it requires balancing planning and resourcing alongside classroom and pastoral responsibilities. This online course will offer practical tips to support coordinators in their role.


The course will take the form of a 45-minute pre-recorded seminar which can be viewed at a time convenient to you, followed by a live two-hour webinar. The course will be supported by online materials and templates. Content covered will include:

  • What student leadership is, why it matters and the link to learning, engagement and school improvement
  • Principles, values and ways of working to be successful
  • Different student leader roles and different models of student leadership
  • Practical considerations including budget, rooming, elections, resources, and documents
  • Removing barriers to success
  • Student leadership audit and next steps

Projected outcomes

  • A personalised action plan of next steps for student leadership in your school
  • The knowledge, clear vision and confidence to develop student leadership in your own school setting
  • A comprehensive audit of your school’s student leadership effectiveness
  • Useful resources, documents and top tips to be successful in the future
  • Delegates will receive a certificate of completion

Key speaker

Pauline Holbrook

Pauline is the Head of SEND and has worked in the special education sector for over 30 years. She has experience of teaching, leadership, training and undertaking research. Her philosophy is that all students require outstanding teaching that takes into account their needs, abilities and aspirations in order to prepare them for adult life.

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Live seminar date:

TBC Summer 2021


15.30 – 17.30

Ideal for:

Practitioners and senior leaders from special schools, alternative provision, PRU’s & other specialist settings with a responsibility for leading student voice


£185 (individuals self-funding)
£185 (member schools)
£225 (non-member schools)
All prices exclusive of VAT


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