Student Passport


Available for students in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

There is a rapidly-growing awareness among school leaders, the business sector, and policy makers that young people in England are not being equipped with a broad enough range of skills before leaving school.

Academic achievement is important, but preparing students for life after education requires more than this. The SSAT Student Passport provides a framework for students to record a huge range of life experiences beyond the academic.

The recording of these experiences, and the development of skills gained from them, are intended to:

  • Enrich students’ cultural capital
  • Empower students as agents of change
  • Prepare students for employment
  • Engage students in citizenship.

As students progress through their passport, they will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of modules. Students are also encouraged to work with their teachers to set their own challenges – these can either replace or complement the provided SSAT challenges.

Available versions

Key Stage 3

Focus on breadth of experiences (9 compulsory modules)

Key Stage 4

Focus on depth and specialism (6 compulsory modules; 3 optional modules)

Key Stage 5

Focus on further education, training and employment aspirations (3 compulsory modules; 6 optional modules)

Compulsory modules focus on experiences and outcomes that SSAT (in consultation with a range of stakeholders) believe every young person is entitled to.

Optional modules in KS4 and KS5 allow students to personalise their passports to reflect their aspirations and interests.

On completion of the passport, students will receive a written and signed letter of recommendation from the Chief Executive.

download student passport samples

Price and ordering

Passports are sold in boxes of 50 at the following price:

Member price: £195 per box
Non-member price: £279 per box
Delivery: Postage costs are variable depending on quantity. A price will be advised at point of ordering.
*Prices are exclusive of VAT

Orders will take 7 days to be processed and dispatched once payment has been received.

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