Lead Practitioner Re-accreditation

Lead Practitioners fulfil a vital role in education in defining and refining what works well in schools across a range of contexts.

SSAT recognises that LPs must keep their practice and knowledge up to date, exhibit the highest level of skills in terms of negotiating and influencing others, coaching for teaching progress and communicating their ideas both across their own school and the wider teaching community.

Lead Practitioner status is;

  • A quality mark of excellent practice and of the organisation’s commitment to professional learning; high quality status for high quality practitioners
  • A professional development tool to identify and set professional development targets and to identify, measure and evaluate your influence on others
  • An opportunity to engage with current regional, national and international developments
  • An opportunity to celebrate achievements in improving learning experiences.

LP Re-accreditation process

LP accreditation lasts for 3 years. The re-accreditation process will identify how your practice has remained current through a narrative that references impact across the 10 LP standards.

We generally find the most successful applications have a practical element, for example something which could be used as a discussion point in a leadership meeting or some insights into a classroom strategy that has had a positive impact.

You are encouraged to consider identifying an overarching theme for your application such as school improvement, accountability, data, teacher and/or student wellbeing, pupil premium, curriculum, leadership, and teaching and learning. The ‘case study’ style application template will be provided to you once processed.

A typical re-accreditation application may:

  • Outline the reasoning behind the focus of your re-accreditation (outline a challenge which could be ongoing from, or an extension to your initial LP application)
  • What was done and how
  • Problems encountered and how they were tackled
  • The impact of your work
  • What has been learned from the experience by you and your colleagues?
  • How other schools might benefit from following a similar course
  • Include less successful elements or continuing challenges, as well as successes

To re-accredit you will be required to submit a ‘case study’ style application (a template will be provided to you), exemplifying how your practice has remained current over the past three years.

You should provide additional validation through reference to research or other evidence, showing others how they might use or adapt ideas. All re-accreditation applications submitted must be signed off by the Headteacher/Principal of your current school.