SSAT Leadership Legacy Project

What is the SSAT Leadership Legacy Project?

At SSAT we have made a moral commitment to support the development of the next generation of system leaders. The SSAT Leadership Legacy Project is a benefit for members of the SSAT Secondary Network, SSAT Primary Network Plus and SSAT Special Network Plus and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity by nominating one of your teachers to take part in becoming a Leadership Fellow.

The project is a year-long initiative and has been set up to develop teachers who have been identified by their headteacher as having the potential to become outstanding leaders.

Leadership Fellows have the opportunity to attend a range of SSAT events and leadership shadowing visits; and will have access to a bank of resources and networking opportunities.

The launch events will take place in early October 2019 and are followed by a series of events throughout the year. You can view the programme of activities here and read about the experience of one of our previous participants in this SSAT blog article.

As this is a benefit of SSAT membership for eligible members*, the only costs your school will incur are related to time, travel and accommodation.


By the end of the project, the Leadership Fellows will:

  • form their vision for education and shape their educational principles
  • gain an in-depth understanding of the current education system
  • consider different leadership models and the skills required to succeed
  • undertake wider reading and use social media in a professional context
  • spend time with highly successful educators
  • submit a written think piece which evidences their developing practice as a teaching professional; this should be of benefit to the school and be research-based and should have any supporting evidence included.

The project is underpinned by SSAT’s Leadership Principles.

SSAT Leadership Principles

We asked senior leaders to describe their leadership principles.

Here are their top 8:

1. Know yourself
Are you really Executive Head or CEO material? Do you want to be?

2. Prepare to unlearn
Because leading isn’t teaching, and leading a MAT isn’t leading just one school.

3. Blueprint your dream
A vision that you really follow through.

4. Learn from business
Let’s look for answers from outside education.

5. Know the practical stuff backwards

6. Be tough about the team
Get the right people on the bus (and the wrong ones off it).

7. Your legacy really matters
The system needs the next generation of leaders.

8. Believe in what you believe

Who can take part?

Candidates must be qualified teachers and, if working in a mainstream primary or secondary school, should be within their first 2-4 years of teaching. We recognise that due to the specialised setting, candidates from special schools may have been teaching for longer. All candidates should have been identified as having the potential to become an outstanding leader and be demonstrating the skills to become future outstanding system leaders.

Making a nomination

Nominations for the 2019-20 cohort have now closed. If you missed the nomination deadline, or wish to make additional nominations, please contact your Relationship Manager today. Headteachers can make one nomination for the project as part of their school’s SSAT membership benefits; if successful, each additional place on the project costs £500+VAT.

If their nomination is successful, the headteacher will receive a confirmation email and the nominee will receive a separate email with with further information on their allocated launch event in October.

* Members of the SSAT Secondary Network, SSAT Primary Network Plus, and SSAT Special Network Plus are eligible for this benefit.