Whole School Embedding Formative Assessment Project

Embedding Formative Assessment SSAT and Education Endowment Foundation

In summer 2015 SSAT was awarded funding – through the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) – for 140 secondary schools to be involved in a two-year professional development programme based on formative assessment.

This is a fantastic opportunity for schools to gain access to resources authored by Dylan Wiliam and to be guided by SSAT’s Lead Practitioners when embedding formative assessment across the whole school.

The lead member of staff at each selected school attended a launch event with Dylan Wiliam in September 2015 and over the next 18 month has/will run a series of eighteen monthly structured workshops for all their staff, working in groups of 8-12. These workshops will help teachers to change their practice and embed their use of formative assessment in the classroom.

Formative assessment involves teachers using evidence of students’ understanding and learning to make decisions. This evidence could also be used when planning lessons or differentiating activities for individual pupils. When assessing formatively, students are empowered to be owners of their own learning and to support each other to progress.

At end of the first year a report (hyperlink) was produced on the outcomes to date, share the challenges, solutions and inspiring ideas from all the school.

The funding provided by the EEF will test attainment at GCSE level and evaluate the impact of a cost-effective and scalable route to implementing formative assessment in a large number of schools. This is being done through a randomised control trial (RCT) – schools were allocated into either the treatment or control groups by the National Institute for Social and Economic Research. The Institute will also evaluate the research.

Find out more about EEF’s involvement in the project here.

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