Improving Practice through Research

Engage with effective research and improve classroom practice with the new digitally-badged course from SSAT and The Open University

Improving Practice through Research recognises the education landscapes’ need for evidence informed practice, and engagement with research at a practitioner, school and multi-academy trust wide level. The programme was commissioned following several years of consultation with schools. With the advent of research schools and research networks, SSAT and The Open University wanted to develop a learning course that helped practitioners better understand how to engage with research and apply it to their own context, generating positive impact on teaching and learning.

This course is intended for practitioners who wish to make positive changes to teaching and learning practice which is based on sound understanding of ‘what works’.  The course is accessible to all educators, be they teachers, leaders or support staff, across all phases and learning contexts, whether that is mainstream, special, pupil referral units or prisons. Delivered online and on-demand, it can be completed anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

The course consists of 8 online lessons of approximately 3 hours duration each, which can be completed at a time to suit the practitioner.  The course is interactive and iterative in that it asks participants to reflect on the learning, translate to their own context and to build their knowledge and application over time. The outcome is measured through an online assessment that can be repeated, resulting in a digital badge. This course is the first of a series which will unpack and explain a whole range of issues in teaching and learning.

The eight sessions

  • Introduction to practitioner research
  • Reading education research critically
  • How do I decide what to research into?
  • The stages of research
  • Thinking ethically
  • Methods of collecting data
  • Analysing and presenting data
  • How might I disseminate my research?

What will participants learn?

The course has three founding principles:

  1. Making effective use of evidence to transform your practice and that of others, emphasising the SSAT Four E’s model; engage, enact, embed and extend
  2. Stimulating critical analysis, debate and reflection, as well as understanding some of the research methods you can engage in
  3. Recognising the teacher as a knowledgeable professional who is constantly reflecting on their practice in order to make enhancements on a day-to day basis and how learning and working with others (collaboration) amplifies the impact of research

After studying this course, you will be able to:

  • Design and carry out a small-scale educational research project
  • Understand some of the methodological traditions within educational research that are relevant to practice settings
  • Understand some of the issues around collecting, analysing and presenting information/data
  • Identify the most appropriate way(s) of disseminating your research findings
  • Understand what constitutes practitioner research and discuss with confidence the debates around teachers as researcher

Throughout the course, practitioners are encouraged to reflect either online or in a learning journal, and translate learning to their own context. This may relate to how you will extend your work on a school development priority.

Find out more about the benefits of the course from school, SSAT and Open University research learning experts in the below video

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Improving practice through research – How it works
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