Embedding Formative Assessment support package

SSAT has been working with Dylan Wiliam for over 10 years on introducing the Embedding Formative Assessment programme into schools. SSAT is able to offer additional support to schools considering implementing a programme, based on the EFA resource, to help ensure the programme leads well and maintains its focus.

Support available to maximise the impact of the programme

There are a variety of support options available, depending on what stage you are in your EFA programme aimed to utilise the knowledge and ideas gained from working with 70 schools over the last two years as part of the grant funded Educational Endowment Foundation project.

  • One day launch training, in school for your school leaders and Teacher Learning Community (TLC) Leaders. This day, delivered on a CPD in school, will cover the key topics of:
    – Planning for a successful launch and implementation overtime
    – What are the attributes, skills and knowledge required to be an effective TLC leader?
    – Sustaining the momentum of the project, measuring impact
    – The option to provide the SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation programme for the cohort of TLC leaders, to enable them to gain recognition and reward for their crucial role (at additional cost per person).
    Approximate cost £1,200 exc VAT (member price)
  • Consultancy support from a Lead Practitioner over 2 years. This includes the training day above with additional regular ongoing support via email, telephone and face to face meetings (equivalent of 5 days worth of support over the 2 years)
    Approximate cost £5,000 exc VAT (member price)
  • One day Lead Practitioner visit, for example for an end or mid-year review. Support from a highly skilled EFA Lead Practitioner who will provide bespoke support to ensure your school is successful and that the programme is driving progress for staff and students alike
    Approximate cost £1,000 exc VAT (member price)

Read more about schools involved in EFA already:

Outcomes of the Embedding Formative Assessment Programme

  • High quality formative assessments leads to improved student achievement. Feedback and metacognition are at the top of the EEF teaching and learning toolkit for impact (up to 8 months progress gained)
  • Gives teachers ownership over their learning as the programme gives choice, flexibility and support
  • Teachers work in teacher learning communities (TLCs) with a clear structure and accountability
  • Through meetings and peer observations teachers gain confidence in a supportive environment to take risks, adapt ideas and respond more effectively to learner feedback.
  • Teachers have time to reflect on their practise and collaborate with others
  • Students are empowered to be owners of their own learning and support each other to progress.

The EFA approach models the recent DfE Standard for teacher’s professional development:

1. Focuses on improving and evaluating pupils outcomes
Teachers have choice, flexibility and support to develop effective techniques that are effective in their classroom and context.

Since launching the project there has been a far wider focus on what matters – what goes on in the classroom.’
Holy Family Catholic School, Adele Klitou, Vice Principal

2. Underpinned by robust evidence and expertise
Developed by Professor Dylan Wiliam and Siobhan Leahy following over ten years of research. Support by a SSAT Lead Practitioner who has considerable expertise in supporting schools through the EEF project.

3. Includes collaboration and expert challenge
Regular rhythm of monthly Teacher Learning Community (TLC’s) meetings followed by peer observation and reflection. Teachers gain confidence in a supportive environment to take risks, adapt ideas and respond more effectively to learner feedback. Meetings have a clear structure and accountability.

4. Sustained over time
Project lasts two years and focuses on embedding change long term.

5. Professional development must be prioritised by school leadership

If you would like to know more about the Embedding Formative Assessment resource you can find a summary and example resources here.

For further information about the support packages and costs please get in touch with us by email.

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