High Performance Leadership

Join NASA, a Bomb Disposal Specialist and a Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year at SSAT’s most prestigious leadership programme

If school leaders are now responsible for multi-million pound budgets and for workforces on a par with major enterprises, isn’t it time we looked seriously at leadership habits to match?

How do we take the best of what they can teach us and harness it to supercharge our new, school-led system?

These are the questions we’ll be answering in SSAT’s leadership programme, High Performance Leadership, – bringing insights from sport, business, psychology, space exploration and much more, you will learn what it means to be a high performing leader, with practical sessions, discussions and learning for you to take back and implement within your school or schools.

How the programme works

This 15 month programme is comprised of six seminars, hosted by world leading organisations and individuals, and attendance at the SSAT National Conference.

Event one:
Vision and organisational culture

  • How to create a meaningful strategic vision that supports your journey to world class
  • Examine techniques used that establish positive organisational cultures
  • Understand how to implement and execute them within your own school
  • Learn to become a leader who inspires action

SSAT’s multi-national technology partner

Date and location:

18 October 2017 – Hanover Street, London

Event two:
SSAT National Conference (one day)

  • Engage in the education debate on key issues for school leaders
  • Learn from nationally and internationally recognised experts in the field both from within and beyond education
  • Participate in school-led workshops hosted by some of the country’s most successful and innovative schools

Keynotes and Practitioners

Date and location:
30 November 2017 – Manchester Central

Event three:
The psychology of leadership

  • Explore the psychological aspects of leadership
  • Discover the thinking patterns that contribute to success
  • Consider the importance of resilience and mindset
  • Leave the session better prepared to manage volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

Dr Kate Goodger, Director, Chimp Management

Date and location:
25 January 2018 – Birmingham

Event four:
Innovation, creativity and intrapreneurship

  • Explore innovation and creativity, learn how to develop and intrapreneurial mindset
  • Learn how to promote intrapreneurship within your school
  • Develop intelligent disobedience
  • Leave the session better prepared to challenge orders, voice unpopular opinions and become different


Date and location:
April 2018 – London

Event five:
Creating and leading high performing teams

  • Explore how you can create a culture of high performance and sustainable results through building strong teams
  • Examine how failures can become powerful learning opportunities that drive future strategies for success
  • Better understand the key ingredients of high performing teams
  • Develop leadership capacity and accelerate school improvement

Maggie Alphonsi MBE, English rugby player and Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year in 2010

Date and location:
June 2018 – Birmingham

Event six:
Leading under pressure and risk

  • Learn how to lead under pressure and manage risk
  • Consider positive mindsets and strategies for assessing, taking and mitigating risk
  • Become better placed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future

A Bomb Disposal Specialist

Date and location:
9 October 2018 – London

Event seven:
Making the impossible possible

  • This final session brings the programme to a crescendo with a NASA astronaut
  • Explore how to create a culture of success in which the impossible becomes, not just possible, but a reality
  • Be inspired to lead your school to new heights and gain insider learning into the universe’s most pioneering organisation

Former NASA astronaut Mike Foale CBE

Date and location:
November 2018 – Oxford


  • Be inspired and learn from a variety leaders working in some of the world most successful organisations
  • Become a better leader by challenging, refining and develop your understanding of leadership
  • Behind the scenes visits to major enterprises
  • Build a support network among the CEOs and executive heads who will be your fellow delegates
  • Apply your learning to improve the experiences and outcomes for children and staff
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In order to showcase the best variety of leadership practice and school contexts all of our programmes are run at venues across the country. For example, recent programmes have included venues based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Chester and Coventry. The programme is also subject to change dependent on the needs of delegates.

Delegates are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses for all events.

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Start date
18 October 2017

15 months

Seven events

Ideal for
Senior leaders, headteachers and executive leaders seeking to learn from high performance organisations outside the education sector

£4,000 for members
£6,000 for non-members
Prices exclusive of VAT

or 020 78020655

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