High Performance Leadership

Join NASA, Philips and HSBC at SSAT’s most prestigious new leadership programme

If school leaders are now responsible for multi-million pound budgets and for workforces on a par with major enterprises, isn’t it time we looked seriously at leadership habits to match?

How do the world’s most successful organisations “do” strategy, innovation, change and culture? How do we take the best of what they can teach us and harness it to supercharge our new, school-led system?

These are the questions we’ll be answering in SSAT’s much anticipated new leadership programme, High Performance Leadership, working with some of the world’s biggest names to help answer them. We’ve joined forces with EdX and will be drawing heavily on influential research among global leaders in different sectors.

How the programme works

This 15 month programme is comprised of six seminars, hosted by world leading organisations, and attendance at the SSAT National Conference, It culminates with the final celebration event with NASA astronaut Mike Foale. Two of the events will be held on a Saturday to ease the pressure of being out of school.

Event Title Input from  Date Location
1 Setting the strategic vision and establishing a positive organisational culture An American multi-national technology company  21 June 2017 Executive Briefing Centre, London
2  Leading under pressure London Fire Brigade October 2017 TBC (likely to be Birmingham)
3 SSAT National Conference (one day) Keynotes and Practitioners 30 November 2017 Manchester
4 Innovation – securing success through creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset Phillips January 2018 (Saturday) TBC (likely to be London)
5 Creating and leading high performing teams Maggie Alphonsi March / April 2018 TBC (likely to be Birmingham)
6 Leading change and managing risk HSBC June 2018 (Saturday) TBC (likely to be London)
7 Creating a culture of success NASA Astronaut September 2018 TBC (likely to be South-West)


  • Lessons from the world’s highest performing organisations
  • Academic support and reflection to define the learnings for your own leadership context
  • Behind the scenes visits to major enterprises
  • Build a support network among the CEOs and executive heads who will be your fellow delegates
  • Join a powerful and supportive professional network of leaders

“The opportunity to work in partnership on this game-changing new programme is both exciting and essential as we move forwards into a new era in education. SSAT has a long track record of being pioneers in leadership – this partnership takes it to the next level.”

Anne-Marie Duguid, Director of Education at SSAT

Book Now


Book Now

Start date
21 June 2017

15 months

Seven events

Ideal for
Headteachers, Executive headteachers or CEOs

£3,000 members (£2,000 upon booking and £1,000 in September 2017)
£4,500 non-members (£3,000 upon booking and £1,500 in September 2017)
Prices exclusive of VAT

or 020 78020655

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