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We help schools to become outstanding - in every sense of the word

By providing school membership, CPD for teachers, research and innovation – and making sure learners are at the heart of all you do.

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Our school membership packages & extensive range of CPD for teachers offers practical schools-led advice and innovative, longer term strategies.

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Current advice and ideas from SSAT members and advisers.

Can today’s sponsored academies hope to emulate the achievements of the early pioneers, the first academies?

Can a new wave of Sponsored Academies emulate the success of the original Academies? SSAT Operational Director Bill Watkin investigates.
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Chance to take part in research into embedding formative assessment

‘To be effective, teacher professional development must address what teachers do in the classroom and how teachers change what they do in the classroom. So the idea of assessment for learning combined with teacher learning communities turns out to be
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The Furlong Report – an iNet summary

Paul Stock, iNet Wales Programme Coordinator, summaries the main arguments & recommendations put forward by the Furlong Report. Free to download.
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Join SSAT as a member and we can help you become outstanding – in every sense of the word.  Tailor-made packages are available for primary, secondary and special schools.

Each one offers opportunities to raise the bar by collaborating with other schools, to increase the knowledge you need to get to the next level and to give your school the national recognition and voice it deserves.   

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