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SSAT Ofsted: the essential support guide for schools

An excerpt from the previous edition of the Guide.

Ofsted: enabling self-supported school improvement

A comprehensive guide to the September 2015 Ofsted inspection framework, with contributions from outstanding schools.The guide is designed to support your overall school improvement planning – regardless of the last overall effectiveness grade your school achieved – and gives comprehensive guidance on what you can expect from both the new one and two-day inspections. Including:

  • Full guidance on the latest inspection criteria and processes in a user-friendly format
  • How Ofsted reaches a judgement in each aspect
  • Processes – what schools can expect and when, including how to be prepared for meetings and what documentation is needed at each stage
  • Top tips from recently-inspected schools
  • Exemplar documentation from leading schools
  • Additional guidance on SMSC and British values
  • What schools might need to have in place for one and two-day inspections
  • Details of what stakeholders might be asked.

The headline changes to the Ofsted inspection framework for September 2015 include:

  • The introduction of a new Common Inspection Framework with sector-specific handbooks
  • Revised judgements:
    – The effectiveness of leadership and management
    – The quality of teaching, learning and assessment
    – Personal development, behaviour and welfare
    – Outcomes for children and learners
  • The introduction of short inspections for current ‘good’ schools

I can genuinely say it is one of the most useful resources I have bought in a long time – well worth all of the minimal investment!
Deputy headteacher on the previous edition of the SSAT Ofsted Guide

Also available is the Ofsted Framework Briefing Pack

A detailed PowerPoint presentation with accompanying notes that helps headteachers and other senior leaders save valuable time when updating colleagues on the latest framework.

It is equally useful for a whole-staff briefing or to update the governing body, informing colleagues of how to effectively prepare for both types of inspection, and what will be looked for and judged during the process.

Experienced consultants are available to deliver the presentation in school. Get in touch with us by email for more information.


Ofsted: Enabling self-supported school improvement + Ofsted Framework Briefing Pack
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