Principled Leadership Programme

Programme Information

The Principled Leadership programme is for all school leaders committed to putting principles at the heart of leadership, to leading ethically and building strong, sustainable cultures.

The Principled Leadership programme consists of seven virtual workshops, covering three core strands – Ethical Foundations, Ethical Principles and Ethical Practice. There will be space for personal reflection and intellectual challenge as we consider, debate, and discuss together what it means to be an ethical school leader in our generation.

  1. Ethical Foundations – we will explore differing moral and ethical foundations, including faith, philosophy and psychology. We will also use tools to reflect upon the formative influences on our own moral framework.
  2. Ethical Principles – we will consider how formative experiences have shaped our values and principles at four levels of influence – individual, organisational / institutional, system and societal. We will think through personal and professional principles.
  3. Ethical Practice – In this final part we will reflect on the implications for practice. How do we practice our principles? In what ways do we experience ethical tensions and moral conflicts in our roles? How do we go about resolving them?

Module sessions will be supported by intersessional activities and pre-reading materials. This will include case studies, diagnostic tools and a 360.


  • Increased self-awareness
  • Deeper understanding of differing ethical perspectives and tensions within the system
  • Courage to pursue personal and professional values
  • Renewed moral purpose

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Host information

Dan Belcher, Senior Education Lead, SSAT

Dan Belcher, SSAT

Dan leads on SSAT’s leadership programmes and has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering professional development. Before joining SSAT in 2009 he was a senior leader and a teacher of French and German. Dan has a Masters in Educational Leadership and is currently completing a Doctorate in Education.

Workshop Information

Module 1: Ethical foundations (Part 1)

Date: Monday 11 October 2021

  • Introduction and reflection on our personal journeys.
  • Moral cognitive development theory, faith perspectives

Module 2: Ethical foundations (Part 2)

Date: Monday 15 November 2021

  • Philosophical positions – deontology, virtue ethics, consequentialism, utilitarianism

Module 3: Ethical Principles (Part 1)

Date: Monday 13 December 2021

  • Espoused personal and professional values in education.
  • Ethical frameworks and theoretical perspectives

Module 4: Ethical Principles (Part 2)

Date: Monday 17 January 2022

  • Four levels of ethical leadership – personal, institutional, system and societal

Module 5: Ethical Practice (Part 1)

Date: Monday 7 February 2022

  • Enacting ethical leadership. Principles into practice.
  • Leadership forces for excellence (Sergiovanni).

Module 6: Ethical Practice (Part 2)

Date: Monday 7 March 2022

  • Ethical tensions and moral dilemmas.
  • Confronting managerialism, performativity and accountability pressures.
  • Resolving moral conflicts.

Module 7: What next?

Date: Monday 4 April 2022

  • What next steps should we be taking – individually, institutionally and as a professional network?

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Monday 11 October 2021


Seven modules delivered online as twilights over two terms


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