SSAT Perception Surveys

SSAT Perception survey response graph sampleSSAT’s Perception Surveys provide a detailed analysis of how staff, learners and parents feel about your school.

School leaders may wish to evaluate staff morale, identify learner understanding around a new initiative or get a better grasp of how parents interpret the school vision and values.

The surveys consist of an online questionnaire, analysis by experts utilising SSAT’s 30 years’ experience of working with schools and a report that can be used to spark further discussion and development actions, with stakeholders, Ofsted and the like.

Schools can choose between a snapshot survey of one particular target group, e.g. a staff survey examining morale, which can then be repeated following an intervention to measure impact or a comparison survey, which would contrast the perception of two or more target groups, e.g. parent and learner surveys examining the interpretation of school ethos.

Questionnaires within the survey process are online and are fully GDPR compliant.  SSAT support school leadership with standardised communication templates introducing the why?, what? and how? of the process – this helps to produce a robust response from a significant proportion of the target audience.

Questionnaires are also not an onerous task, with questions carefully designed to surface the true picture of feelings and understanding which gives school leadership valuable data to inform development priorities.  Stratification within each target audience is considered wherever appropriate, e.g. staff surveys will examine responses from support staff, teachers, middle and senior leadership as well as how this affects the holistic picture of all staff.

You can download an excerpt from a sample report that shows what can be expected from an SSAT perception survey.

What does the report look like?

The report is produced digitally to enable easier sharing with stakeholders following the survey process and consists of:

An Executive Summary:  the rationale and summary of the survey responses with commentary from SSAT experts validating progress and achievements school-wide;

Overwhelmingly, the staff commented on the collaborative nature across all roles within the academy, including collaborative planning, peer assessment of teaching and learning and ‘just being there’ for each other.

Section 1: Quantitative results from the questionnaire, their analysis and recommendations

I know what we are trying to achieve as a school: Strongly agree= 27, agree= 25, Disagree=16, Strongly Disagree=2

All staff consistently apply school policies: Strongly agree=12, agree= 47, disagree=11

Section 2: Qualitative results, including responses from open questions, their analysis and recommendations, helping inform school leaders on the culture developing in school;

The best thing about this academy is the Esprit d’cour. Teachers are resilient and pull together for the good of the kids despite what is being done. In some quarters there is genuine solidarity

Development point summary: a summary of both highlights and commentary from the questionnaire and a collation of the recommendations for next steps.

There will always be some behavioural issues in any school, and the Academy has been on a journey that has eradicated much of the more serious examples of poor behaviour.  Slight amendments to current practice and a re-visiting of the behaviour systems with both staff and learners, outlining expectations will benefit the school.  An overview from SLT shadowing a target group is a useful investment of time.


The cost for one survey is based on the number of learners in your school:

  • Small school (up to 600 learners) – members £2,200 exc VAT / non-members £2,640 exc VAT
  • Medium school (600 – 1200 learners) – £2,420  exc VAT / non-members £2,900 exc VAT
  • Large school (1200+ learners) – £2,660 exc VAT / non-members £3,190 exc VAT

Discounts are available if you wish to purchase multiple surveys as follows:

  • 2-5 surveys – 10% discount
  • 6-9 surveys – 15% discount
  • 10+ surveys – 20% discount

Please note surveys need to be purchased at the same time to qualify for a discount.

If you would like a survey but think you might need something more bespoke for your school’s context, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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