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Deep Social Justice

It is not an exaggeration to say that our current system of education is at breaking point. Our teachers and school leaders see this on a daily basis: the students being denied the support mechanisms they rely on, the continued impact of austerity, and a system that is no longer fit for purpose.

That’s why SSAT has decided to stand up and speak out, and to fight to put social justice at the heart of the education system.

As part of the campaign, a series of thought-provoking pamphlets have been published and are available to download below. These have practical resources, case studies from a variety of schools and organisations, and a series of reflective questions designed to help identify new approaches to achieving deep social justice.

Deep Leadership for Social Justice

This pamphlet highlights the role of school leaders in securing social justice and examines principled leadership. Practical case histories and insights from Professor Sir Tim Brighouse reinforce how leaders contribute to realising deep social justice.

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Deep Support for Social Justice

Every young person needs deep support to flourish, but some need more support than others. This pamphlet tackles key factors for social justice in schools: mental health, parental engagement, careers guidance, and mentoring.

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Deep Experience for Social Justice – Activities

These activity templates complement the Deep Experience for Social Justice pamphlet. They help educators and partners reflect on how education's purpose impacts social justice in their schools or organisations.

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Deep Experience for Social Justice

Delve into the experiences that shape young adults and examine the education-based experiences that are most likely to lead to social justice. Questions and activities are included to help address these issues.

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Deep Learning for Social Justice – Case studies

Case studies from schools supplement Deep Learning for Social Justice pamphlet, showcasing efforts to attain social justice through Embedding Formative Assessment, teacher training, and resolving local issues.

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Deep Learning for Social Justice

This pamphlet highlights "deep learning for social justice" and emphasises individual needs, avoiding excessive assessments, and prioritising student success through numeracy, literacy, metacognition, self-determination, and formative assessment.

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Fighting for Deep Social Justice

Schools support social justice by preparing all students for fulfilling lives, though they can't address all factors affecting achievement gaps. personalised learning is key to advancing this agenda. Reflective questions help guide thinking for new approaches.

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