Personalising Learning Pamphlets


Series 1 – The Nine Gateways

Aim of the series: To show how the teaching profession can take the lead in personalising learning through nine main gateways, each of which provides a distinctive angle on personalising learning by ensuring that teaching and support are shaped around student needs.

Series 2 – The Deeps

Aim of the series: To explain the concepts and give an overview of the application of deep learning, deep experience, deep support and deep leadership that can help reshape schooling for the 21st century.

Edition Title Author
1 A new shape for schooling? David Hargreaves
2 Deep learning – 1 Emma Sims
3 Deep support – 1 Sue Williamson
4 Deep experience – 1 David Hargreaves
5 Deep leadership – 1 David Hargreaves
6 Deep experience – 2 Kai Vacher
7 Deep leadership – 2 David Hargreaves
8 Deep learning – 2 David Hargreaves
9 The Deeps in Action David Hargreaves

Series 3 – System Redesign

Aim of the series: To trace developments in personalising learning and to introduce the emerging concept of system redesign. This ambitious version of system leadership calls for a school-led transformation that changes the relationship between the teaching profession and government.

Edition Title Author
1 The road to transformation in education David Hargreaves
2 Assessment redesign David Hargreaves, Chris Gerry and Tim Oates
3 Curriculum redesign Guy Shearer, Kai Vacher & David Hargreaves
4 Personalising relationships Sue Williamson

Series 4 – Leading System Redesign

Aim of the series: To demonstrate how ‘Wikipedia world’ (web 2.0) presents opportunities for transforming the goals of system redesign in education; the means by which they might be realised; the kinds of leadership that will be required; and the forms of governance under which it will flourish.