Meet the SSAT Team

Senior Leadership Team

Sue WilliamsonSue Williamson
Chief Executive

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Angelina IdunAngelina Idun

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Grace HardyGrace Hardy

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Julian ElveJulian Elve

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Sylvia PaddockSylvia Paddock

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Education Team

Alex GalvinAlex Galvin
Senior Education Lead
Leading Edge Network
Curriculum Programmes

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Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
Senior Education Lead
Teaching and Learning

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Colin LoganColin Logan
Senior Education Lead
Accountability and Data

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Corinne SettleCorinne Settle
Senior Education Lead
Teaching and Learning

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Dr Dan BelcherDr Dan Belcher
Senior Education Lead
Leadership Programmes

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Laura BurtonLaura Burton
Senior Education Lead, Primary

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Pauline HolbrookPauline Holbrook
Head of SEND
Special Schools and SEND

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Sylvia KingSylvia King
Senior Education Lead

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Relationship Managers

Ellen Renton PearceEllen Renton Pearce
Head of Business Development

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Zeynep KochZeynep Koch
Membership Development Manager

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Ejike AguborEjike Agubor
Senior Relationship Manager

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Kirsty HewettKirsty Hewett
Relationship Manager (Members and Partners)

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Amanda ReininkAmanda Reinink
Relationship Manager

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Amir AkhtarAmir Akhtar
Relationship Manager

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