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Children’s Mental Health Week 2016

Children's Mental Health Week 2016

8-14 February 2016

We are proud to be supporting Children’s Mental Health Week (8–14 February).

Hosted by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the theme of the week this year is ‘building resilience’ and teaching children to ‘bounce forward’ from life’s challenges.

Bereavement, illness, family breakdown, bullying, pressure of exams… children carry far more than the weight of their backpack on their shoulders.

And while we cannot always change children’s circumstances, we can teach them the skills to cope with the difficulties life throws at them.

Three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem and children are less likely to suffer from serious mental health difficulties later in life if they receive support at an early age.

SSAT’s contribution

Throughout the week, we’re sharing helpful resources from Place2Be and other organisations as well as a rich selection of our own content (films and blog posts) – all designed to support you to improve the mental health of young people.

We have research-based advice from experts in the field – including significant contribution from chartered clinical psychologist and children’s mental health expert Professor Tanya Byron.

There is also best practice from schools within the SSAT network in helping to improve the mental health of young people, and we welcome a number of guest writers to blog on the topic.

We are proud to support Children’s Mental Health Week 2016 and hope our small contribution to the initiative goes the tiniest way to helping you to support young people.

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