Michigan State University Office of K-12 Outreach – Parenting and Online Teaching Guides

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been important to us at SSAT to maintain contact with member schools in all countries. The K-12 Outreach team at Michigan State University have been SSAT members for many years enabling many teachers and leaders from across the state to be active participants in conferences, study visits and exchange of ideas and experiences with others in our global network. Director of K-12 Outreach Dr Bryan Beverly has recently shared this with us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for every student, parent, and educator. The Office of K-12 Outreach which develops and implements customized support for schools and districts in Michigan seeking to turnaround their schools and rapidly improve student achievement has focused on providing relevant and timely resources to the education community. These include a Guidance for School Leaders, strategies for Re-Opening Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and two crosswalks for instructional frameworks. There are two recent additions to the resources being made available to schools – one for classroom teachers setting up online classrooms and one for parents who are supporting the learning of their children during the pandemic.

The Parenting During COVID-19 Guide was created for parents looking for practical solutions to help their child close the COVID Slide or general homework assistance. Inside the guide you will find resources for Helping Your Child Become a Reader, Learn Mathematics, Learn Science and Learn History. In addition you will find tips for homework, strategies for online learning and a number of supplemental resources. In this guide we draw from credible sources credible sources including the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Communications and Outreach, as well as research-based sources from school-based practitioners and other appropriate sources. The resources have been organized into a single document with consistent formatting for the reader’s convenience. To view the document, please click on the button below.

Parenting During COVID-19 Resource Guide

The closure of schools in March 2020 took the education community by surprise. Suddenly, for the first time in history, the majority of American students and teachers were thrust into remote teaching and learning. Just as we strive to provide a learning environment for our students that keep them in the comfort zone, as teachers and administrators we need to do the same for ourselves at this time. We have created this quick start guide to help teachers approach the task of teaching remotely using online tools. To view the document, please click on the button below.

Getting Started with Online Teaching Resource Guide

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