Pamphlet 2 – What kind of teaching for what kind of learning?

Throughout this week, the second Redesigning Schooling pamphlet – What kind of teaching for what kind of learning? by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas – will be arriving in SSAT member schools. Guy and Bill’s pamphlet is the second of nine editions to be published over the coming months, culminating with What the new professionalism means for the UK by Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves in Spring 2014.

What kind of teaching for what kind of learning includes the following:

  • Teaching and learning to what end?
  • What kinds of learning do you need in your school to deliver your desired outcomes of education?
  • What kind of teaching will create the kind of learning that you want in your school?
  • What kind of leadership will create the desired kinds of teaching and learning, so students leave school with your desired outcomes of education?

Download chapter 1 – teaching and learning to what end? here

Additional copies of this pamphlet are available to members for £10 per copy, and to non-members for £15 per copy. Visit the Redesigning Schooling section to find out more.

The following two pamphlets in the series will be Dylan Wiliam’s Principled curriculum design and Peter Chambers’ Working with stakeholders. They will be arriving in schools during the final two weeks of October.

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