SSAT NPQML Franchise

Become an SSAT approved licensed delivery partner

SSAT is licensed* to be a provider of the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML). Any school who wants to run our middle leadership programmes as franchise holders will be formally approved to offer the SSAT NPQML. You will receive all the training and tools to do this, with the flexibility to decide how many participants you wish to deliver to each year. You can also run the SSAT Middle Leadership modules for participants who are not interested in full NPQML accreditation.

When putting delegates through for full NPQML accreditation, you will need to run all 12 modules within 12 months. All participants who wish to be accredited must attend all 12 modules.

If you decide that you don’t want to run the accreditation for any participants in the given year, you must run a minimum of 6 modules across 12 months.

In becoming a licence holder, your licence is valid for three years in line with our contract with the DfE* but is subject to annual review.

Find out more about the NPQML course, including module descriptions, assessment and guided learning hours

If yo’re interested in becoming a licensed delivery partner for SSAT NPQML:



What is required of a franchise holder?

The franchise licence holding school must be rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted and you must be confident that you have the infrastructure and capacity to deliver the training and comply with the administration and reporting expectations.


How is the SSAT NPQML run?

We are delighted to be working in partnership with schools to run the SSAT NPQML. We have two levels of governance; our strategic board who are responsible for the programme, its QA and success and our advisory board who ensure that we have local, contextual knowledge across different types of school.

Our two lead schools who sit on the strategic board with SSAT are:

Shenley Brook End School

Pennyman Primary School


How does the SSAT NPQML meet and go beyond the requirements of NPQML?

We’ve taken the best of our previous National Award for Middle Leaders (NAML) and worked with our lead schools to ensure it meets the requirements.

*SSAT are working towards accreditation by the Department for Education to deliver the NPQML, and subject to contract will be accredited for training to take place in the current academic year.


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