Get involved in Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Celebrating your best practitioners, SSAT Lead Practitioner (LP) accreditation improves professional skills and expertise, helping embed and extend teaching and learning in your school that impacts positively on learners.

You can register for Lead Practitioner accreditation as an individual, but it’s most powerful when adopted as a cohort on a whole-school basis or across a cluster of schools. Find out more about both options below.


Lead Practitioner accreditation as a cohort

lp-peopleLead Practitioner accreditation provides schools with a tool to drive whole-school improvement, with an LP cohort being supported to:

  • Recruit, retain and develop future leaders of learning
  • Evaluate everyone’s individual impact, identifying their strengths and areas to develop
  • Introduce a framework of standards with impact at its core
  • Build a culture of effective, evidence-informed teaching and learning
  • Structure a school-wide or trust-wide professional development plan

Establishing a Lead Practitioner cohort means that the programme:

  • Has a greater chance of successful completion – the participants are more likely to complete the programme when supported by their peers
  • Provides more evidence of impact – because it is large scale, the outcomes are more immediate and measurable for self-evaluation
  • Provides a stronger focus on teaching and learning – it takes the significant and sustained focus on teaching and learning and embeds it in a real process that will produce clear results
  • Is supported by an SSAT Lead Practitioner training package, helping your cohort with their applications and ensuring they get the best from the programme

Download your free LP cohort support pack to help set up a cohort in your school

SSAT also provides additional specialist input through a training support package for a cohort of LPs tailored specifically to your school, made up of two 2-hour support sessions.


SSAT Lead Practitioner training package

We can support your LP cohort to get the best out of accreditation. This additional training is more cost effective the larger the cohort as cost per person is reduced.

The package includes identification of potential research projects and school improvement initiatives and two 2-hour support sessions:

Session 1 – Launching the Programme

  • Introduction to the Lead Practitioner accreditation programme and application process
  • Introduction of the wider SSAT Lead Practitioner community and related opportunities
  • Promotion of professional reflection and identification of existing evidence suitable for submission
  • Identification of future development opportunities linked to school context/priorities
  • Ideas for action research

Session 2 – Application Support

  • Self-assessment review
  • Building on research projects and in-school tasks
  • Review of online practice
  • Gathering impact and reflecting on practice
  • Coaching to develop next step of leadership of learning
  • How to write effective supporting statements

Cost: £2,200 (for SSAT members, exclusive of VAT)

To discuss how this programme could work for your school or organisation get in touch with us by email or call us on 020 7802 2300.

All prices are member prices and are exclusive of VAT.

Prices do not include the individual sign-up fee of £400 for members/£600 for non-members.


Lead Practitioner accreditation as an individual

personDesigned as a professional learning journey, Lead Practitioner accreditation helps to embed and extend teaching and learning that impacts positively on learners. Completing the application is flexible and can take as long as you need.

On an individual basis, Lead Practitioner accreditation:

  • Celebrates, rewards and motivates outstanding practitioners who inspire others to achieve excellence
  • Supports future leaders of learning to reach the next stage of leading practice and aspirant SLEs
  • Provides access to research, resources and innovate ideas

Cost: £400 member / £600 non-member
Prices exclusive of VAT

An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the application so the form should not be submitted without full financial / manager approval of the training.

Lead Practitioner accreditation moderation gateways

If you are part of the Lead Practitioner accreditation programme, for all submission deadlines download:

Lead Practitioner accreditation moderation gateways for 2020-21