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As a cohort

Lead Practitioner Accreditation provides schools with a tool to drive whole-school, cross-cluster/federation improvement through:

  • Developing a culture of improving teaching and learning through ongoing CPD that is provided by practitioners, for practitioners
  • Building the capacity for improvement and providing evidence of improvement that can be used to demonstrate success, both internally and externally
  • motivating and rewarding the best staff in order to retain the best and attract others of equal ability
  • connecting the school to local and national networks in order to continue improving.

Establishing a cohort of practitioners who undertake the accreditation process together brings a number of advantages over an individual approach:

  • more cost-effective – cost per-person is reduced
  • greater chance of successful completion – the participants are much more strongly supported by their peers and far more likely to complete the programme
  • more evidence of impact – because it is large scale, the outcomes are more immediate and measurable for self-evaluation
  • creates a culture of collaborative learning – it creates a hot-house effect in which colleagues gain in confidence to develop and try ideas
  • provides a stronger focus on teaching and learning – it takes the significant and sustained focus on teaching and learning and embeds it in a real process that will produce clear results – supporting other programmes in school to achieve similar results.

Access the free LP cohort support pack here to help set up a cohort in your school.

Cohort support packages

SSAT provide specialist input and support for cohorts of LPs – tailored to your school.

Lead Practitioner Support Session Package


  • An initial conversation with CPD leader
  • Identification of potential research projects linked to school improvement policies
  • Two three-hour support sessions – see below for more info

Session 1 – Launching the Programme

    Raising the profile of Lead Practitioner Accreditation in your school and setting context.

  • Introduction of the wider SSAT Lead Practitioner community and related opportunities.
  • Introduction to the Lead Practitioner Accreditation programme and application process.
  • Promotion of professional reflection and identification of existing evidence suitable for submission.
  • Identification of future development opportunities linked to school context/priorities.
  • Ideas for action research.

Session 2 – Application Support

  • Self-assessment review.
  • Building on research projects and in-school tasks.
  • Review of online practice.
  • Gathering impact and reflecting on practice.
  • Coaching to develop next step of leadership of learning.
  • How to write effective supporting statements.

Cost: £2,200 (for SSAT members, exclusive of VAT)

To discuss how this programme could work for your school or organisation, and to access the free LP cohort support pack* get in touch with us by email.

*The LP cohort support pack includes exemplar school-based action research projects, an SLT governor proposal template and presentation, resources to help with LP recruitment, and more.

All prices are member prices and are exclusive of VAT.

Prices do not include the individual sign-up fee of £400 for members/£600 for non-members as stated below.


As an individual

Designed as a professional learning journey, completing the application can take as long as needed. The online process allows you to assess themselves against the criteria and also provides feedback on whether or not they have reached the accredited standard.

If you are not yet at the required level to achieve accredited status, you are able to further develop your skills before completing the application and submitting it for moderation.

View the 2017-18 Lead Practitioner Accreditation moderation gateways.

Benefits for individuals

  • Celebrates, rewards and motivates outstanding practitioners who inspire others to achieve excellence.
  • Supports future leaders of learning to reach the next stage of leading practice and aspirant SLEs.
  • Provides access to research, resources and innovate ideas.

Cost: £400 member / £600 non-member
Prices exclusive of VAT

Individual application

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