The impact of Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Lead Practitioner’s greatest value is as a rigorous process for improving teaching and learning right the way across your school or wider school groupings, such as MATs and Teaching School Alliances.

By providing consistent professional development disciplines – rooted in action research and evidence-based teaching and learning – Lead Practitioner Accreditation empowers professionals to improve together, in all settings and phases.

The many senior leaders who have taken groups of teachers through Lead Practitioner Accreditation point to the powerful effect of underpinning the goals of the school or network with the consistent, tried-and-tested Lead Practitioner standards.

We embarked on the LP programme because we wanted to recognise the excellent practice that was happening in our classrooms delivered by our teachers and we wanted to do that using a framework that allowed our staff to gain national recognition. When staff join the LP programme they go on their own journey and they push the boundaries. The framework not only guides the LP through that journey but really challenges them to be the very best they can possibly be all of the time.
Emma Smith, Vice Principal, Leigh Academies Trust

Lead Practitioners can turn whole-school priorities into tangible classroom impact.

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video below and hear from support staff, teachers and senior leaders of schools who have had great success with Lead Practitioner Accreditation.

Schools are essentially a fantastic research laboratory, and the Lead Practitioner programme encourages people to evaluate research, to think about it, to organise it, to work together and it is about becoming more professional
Dr Marcella McCarthy, Principal St Gregory the Great Catholic School

Sustainable impact

The idea of a self-improving network, where schools collaborate to support each other and especially underperforming schools, is gathering momentum. But the missing ingredient is often the expertise in leading learning and creating collaborative communities of learners.

Lead practitioners network through events like the Lead Practitioner Conference (read more about the 2017 conference here) and through twitter chats #LeadPChat (for examples of the conversations taking place please see here: 12 feb 2017 and 19 Feb 2017). Do join in and follow the conversation.

SSAT’s new Lead Practitioner Learning Centres are designed to fill the gap. The learning centres are schools that are already hubs of accredited Lead Practitioner expertise and are committed to extending Lead Practitioner’s principles and processes to their own networks.

They help other schools apply and manage the accreditation process, offering Lead Practitioner training programmes and building wider communities of LPs. The Centres help drive forward the profession but they also benefit themselves, opening up professional development routes for their own LPs and developing new sources of revenue.

The Lead Practitioners have such an integral role in terms of school improvement: I really don’t know how we would have got such fantastic teaching and learning outcomes without them. Their role as coaches in improving teachers has been absolutely crucial in raising the standards of good and outstanding teaching at the academy. We started off around 50% good or outstanding teaching but by the end of the first year at 96% good or better teaching and 40% outstanding and they had such a crucial role in that.
Sarah Heuston, Vice Principal, Chobham Academy, Harris Federation

Case studies

Blue Sky Teaching School Alliance
Using the Lead Practitioner Accreditation across a TSA.

Woolwich Polytechnic Boys School in Greenwich
A comment on the accreditation from Headteacher Byron Parker.

Northfield School and Sports College
The LP Accreditation and the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP).

Cheshire West & Chester Local Authority
The LP Accreditation in Local Authorities.

The Impact of Research at Bay House
Their LP Accreditation journey.

Shenley Academy
The LP journey is as important as the outcome.

Chobham Academy
Developing leaders of teaching and learning through lead practitioners.

Bay House School
Investing in staff “enriches pupils and other colleagues”.

West Lakes Academy 
Developing staff to lead from within, with Lead Practitioner Accreditation.

Castleford Academy
Shaping Teaching and Learning whilst developing key staff

Glossopdale Community College 
Cohort Lead Alison Noone shares their LP journey.

I have no doubt that it is this group of dynamic, innovative and enthusiastic teachers that will change the face of teaching and learning at our school. They are in the classrooms, they understand the challenges that teachers face and they are best placed to solve them. We have witnessed our aspirant Lead Practitioner colleagues proactively seek out opportunities for leadership, volunteering themselves to lead professional learning sessions for the whole school, organise a ‘teachmeet’, and yet more who are spontaneously mentoring other colleagues.

We have often wondered about capacity building at Bay House and what we might do to encourage staff to develop. In hindsight it seems that all it needed was a challenge, some encouragement and a sense of being valued – the rest takes care of itself. If you have not yet embarked on a LP journey, I would strongly recommend the experience. You will be amazed at the changes that very quickly result.
Annie Eagle, Deputy Headteacher, Bay House School

The main benefit we discovered was the personal development of these key staff; they also made a huge impact on research and development within the academy. We run a successful T&L group where ideas have always been shared and T&L practice developed. However, the LP accreditation took this to a whole new level with research groups. Staff were more than happy to share IRIS videos they had created – and indeed become part of a wider academy T&L buzz! The greatest thing is that when more staff buy into the ideas, more use them, and strategies evolve.
Richard Guest, Head of Teaching & Learning, Castleford academy

ssat lead practitioner accreditation

SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation