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Get involved in SSAT’s fight for deep social justice

It is not an exaggeration to say that our current system of education is at breaking point. Our teachers and school leaders see this on a daily basis: the students being denied the support mechanisms they rely on, the continued impact of austerity, and a system that is no longer fit for purpose.

That’s why SSAT has decided to stand up and speak out, and to fight to put social justice at the heart of the education system.

Latest Updates

“Closing the attainment gap requires dealing with inequalities outside school as well as those inside”

Lee Elliot Major OBE, Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter, highlights the peaks and pitfalls of social mobility in schools, gearing up to his presentation at SSAT's National Conference next month.

#teacher5aday: why I started it, what we’re doing now, and its impact

In advance of his presentation at the SSAT National Conference next month, Martyn Reah, Deputy Head at Eggar’s School, explains the #teacher5aday philosophy implemented within his school.

The approach to peer-to-peer development that has revived our sense of community

Sarah Jones, principal at Tavistock College, describes how they have tackled the challenges facing the local community: austerity, increasing drug-related issues and social media bullying.

Why it’s necessary to develop leadership skills in disadvantaged students

Manpreet Kaur, English teacher at The Romsey School, explains how SSAT’s Student Leadership Accreditation scheme is being used to support disadvantaged students.

The strategies that enabled us to close the disadvantage gap

Karl Robbins, Head of Year 11 at Broadway Academy, describes the strategies identified and implemented to close the gap in disadvantaged students’ GCSE results.

Enabling children to succeed in an area of high deprivation and unemployment

Jon Tait, Deputy Head at Acklam Grange School, highlights the skills, values, experience and qualifications attainable through the school's services and curriculum.

Deep Learning for Social Justice published

Read the second in the pamphlet series which explores how the vehicles of deep learning – which include literacy, metacognition and formative assessment – can enable young people to succeed in their education and careers.

“If I had a million pounds, I would give it to him, but it wouldn’t be enough”

Sue Williamson, SSAT's CEO, introduces her Fighting for Deep Social Justice pamphlet and reflects on her enlightening visit to Manchester Communication Academy that demonstrated the impacts that teachers have on shaping deep social justice in schools.

Fighting for Deep Social Justice pamphlet published

Read the first in the series of pamphlets which establishes the context and marks the beginning of SSAT’s campaign to fight for social justice in education; a conversation with schools and those who have a stake in advancing the social justice agenda.

Empowering one of society’s forgotten voices

Football Beyond Borders is an educational charity that is helping students redefine their learning capabilities through the power of this beloved sport. Ceylon Andi Hickman, the charity’s head of social action, explains how this unique concept is making a difference in education.