Fighting for Deep Social Justice

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It is not an exaggeration to say that our current system of education is at breaking point. Our teachers and school leaders see this on a daily basis: the students being denied the support mechanisms they rely on, the continued impact of austerity, and a system that is no longer fit for purpose.

That’s why SSAT has decided to stand up and speak out, and to fight to put social justice at the heart of the education system.

Latest Updates

David Lammy: Fighting for deep social justice with SSAT

David Lammy, recently re-elected Labour MP for Tottenham, is the Patron of SSAT’s campaign for deep social justice.

For teaching and learning, why is it important to understand cognitive principles?

Dr Efrat Furst from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and formerly Harvard University, delves into the implications of what we know about cognitive science, what happens when we learn; and highlights practical solutions for the classroom in her presentation at the SSAT National Conference in December 2019

What essential experiences should the curriculum provide?

Exploring what experiences young people should have during their time at school, and particularly what the curriculum should focus on to achieve social justice, this panel discussion at the SSAT National Conference 2019 was chaired by John Dickens, editor of Schools Week.

How do you make a difference?

By embodying the values of social activists – applying our values day by day, says Carmel McConnell MBE, the creator of Magic Breakfast.

Panel discussion: what leadership is needed to put social justice at the heart of the curriculum?

The panel discussion at the end of the conference’s first day examined the leadership needed to put social justice at the heart of education.

A reflection on the SSAT National Conference 2019: Fighting for deep social justice

Tom Middlehurst, Director of the National Conference, reflects on some of the ideas, strategies and practical suggestions heard during the two days of the conference

How deep social justice affects young people

SSAT’s first ever student roundtable discussion, on deep social justice, held on 6 November, was a lively affair, with plenty of interaction over the students’ passionately held opinions, as they debated the key issues of social justice.

Embedding Formative Assessment project to enable deep learning for social justice

Assistant headteacher Senaka Galagedera describes the school’s methodical approach to the programme, and its benefits.

“You look fine to me!”

Nina Jackson, Associate Director, Independent Thinking, expresses the importance of creativity, curiosity and compassion in the classroom on mental wellbeing, which she will explore further at SSAT's National Conference next month.

Addressing psychological impact of disadvantage while delivering the crucial academic passports

Stephen Tierney, CEO, Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust, describes how their young people have been empowered to become masters of their own destiny.