Anti-Asian Hate Crime – Eltham Hill School

Students from Eltham Hill School, supported by the school’s Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Student Leadership Lead Ayesha Lahai-Taylor, share their powerful video to help others learn about and challenge anti-Asian Hate Crime. 

A group of Year 11 students from Eltham Hill Girls’ School (EHS) in south London, wanted to tackle the issue of Asian Hate Crime, as they started to notice an increase in anti-Asian hate and discrimination within the school and wider community because of the Covid1-9 pandemic. These students who are Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and from the Philippines, and their families, have all suffered being subjected to racist comments and behaviours. Levels of Asian Hate Crime have continued to rise in countries across the world.​

Educating and addressing assumptions

The students leading on this project aimed to produce a video with full intentions of educating and addressing any assumptions people may have about the different communities that they come from. They were keen to create awareness on what the South East Asian community have witnessed and encounter on a daily basis. Students also wanted to give others better understanding of what cultural appropriation is, and what effect it has.

Although the issue of anti-Asian Hate Crime is not the focus of significant media interest right now, it’s still important that it is brought to the attention of as many different audiences as possible. The video has been shared with all EHS staff as part of an inset day focused on race equality and with KS4 and 5 students during assemblies. Although viewers at the school found the prevalence of this issue saddening, the video has encouraged students and staff to open up about their own experiences and inspired them to continue to support and be good allies for one another.

Please take time to watch the video and discuss with colleagues and students. Note that at the beginning of the video there are scenes of assaults and injuries. Please ensure the appropriate staff members are available to support students after screening.

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