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Achievement Show 2016 – Ensuring that learning technologies have impact in and out of the classroom

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Zone: Learning technologies

Presenter: Greg Hughes, Vice Principal, The de Ferrers Academy
Presentation focus: Ensuring learning technologies have impact

You can catch me at the SSAT Achievement Show on Thursday 23rd June where I will be exploring how we can ensure that technologies have real impact in schools and educational institutions.

As a senior leader responsible for the 1:1 iPad programme at The de Ferrers Academy for the last four years, I’ve consulted with hundreds of school leaders and technology managers from a range of schools – both in the United Kingdom and further afield.

In all of the conversations I’ve had and workshops I’ve hosted, there are common factors that determine how successfully the projects work – especially 1:1 deployments. They include:

  • Vision and leadership – Who will drive the project and keep it on track? Is there a 4-5 year plan for implementation and sustainability?
  • Differentiated CPD – Different staff and faculties have different needs and priorities – CPD needs to reflect this and be as active as possible. How do you deal with blockers and barriers?
  • Focus on learning – Ultimately, this is the primary aim of a school, so it should be the main justification for use of technology too
  • Leverage potential – Consider technology as a catalyst and use it to accelerate or deepen learning in the most appropriate situations. This should be planned, not left to circumstance. How does change management at school reflect this?
  • Aim for impact – This could be measured in many areas – engagement, collaboration, understanding, exam results. The technology will be a correlating factor, but often it is hard to prove exclusivity as the primary reason for.

I will be further developing these ideas at 11.15 on the 23rd – join me to find out more!

Find out more and book your place at the SSAT Achievement Show 2016.

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