Conference presentation will show how you can boost performance and reduce workload with AI

Reading time: 2 minutes. Relevant event: SSAT National Conference 2018

Priya Lakhani, a keynote presenter to the 2018 National Conference, will give delegates real insights into how artificial intelligence, big data technology and cognitive neuroscience are being brought to bear in personalising learning for every student. And, most importantly, how understanding application of new tech can minimise the admin tasks relating to the classroom that, as she says, ‘frankly, waste teachers’ time.’

A former libel barrister and university law lecturer, Priya was inspired by experience of working as a governor and adviser to various education and skills organisations to launch Century Tech in 2015. She was appalled by the research suggesting that in this country 60% of teachers’ time is spent on admin: ‘they’re not able to actually do what they came to do.’

Further, she believes teaching should be more focused on developing skills, not just knowledge. ‘Of course, we need knowledge, that’s the foundation on which to build skills. But skills are incredibly important. I don’t want my own children to rote learn every single day and then leave their education and not be able to apply their skills, not be able to problem solve, be proactive, not be able to use the entrepreneurial mindset.’

The organisation now works with some 100 UK schools, and others abroad, in applying artificial intelligence, big data technology and cognitive neuroscience. Priya Lakhani was awarded Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, and OBE in 2014.

At the conference, she will provide a live demonstration introducing the technology, and show how it is being used now in schools, to provide real-time data insights to educators.

An impact study among 20 of the 100 UK schools already working with Century found student outcomes improved by 20-40% after using this technology in the ways recommended. The study was conducted with the Institute of Education’s EDUCATE programme, to ensure academic rigour behind the analysis. Priya puts the marked improvement in outcomes down to the ‘supercharged teachers’ who had been liberated from mind-numbing tasks and given extra insights into students’ learning, and were so able to focus more fully and effectively on teaching and learning. Also the technology’s algorithms, grounded in neuroscientific understanding, enable students to develop a growth mindset in their school work.

Following the SSAT conference, Century Tech will offer delegates a free whole-school session on AI for teachers and students. And if they like it, a discount on Century’s subscriber charges.

SSAT members receive one free complimentary place to SSAT National Conference 2018. To see Priya Lakhani and a range of other inspirational speakers on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 December at the ICC in Birmingham, please visit the webpage to find out more and book now.

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