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SSAT class of 1994

1994Welcome to the SSAT class of… series. We’re looking back at the past 27 years and paying tribute to some of our longest-serving member schools. We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane and feel free to add your own memories in the comments below or via social media (remember to use #SSATClassOf)!

The year that was 1994…

First draw of the National Lottery

During a TV programme presented by Noel Edmonds on 19th November, the first draw of the National Lottery is held. Seven jackpot winners shared a prize of £5,874,778.

Channel Tunnel opening

After six years of construction and an expenditure of £4.650 billion (equivalent to £13 billion today), the Channel Tunnel is officially opened by The Queen and France’s President Francois Mitterrand.

Death of Ayrton Senna

While leading the San Marino Grand Prix, Williams’ Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna loses control of his car and crashes into a concrete barrier. He sadly passes away hours later.

Brazil win World Cup

On 17th July in Pasadena, California, Brazil beat Italy 3-2 on penalties to lift the 1994 World Cup. The competition had opened on 17th June at Chicago’s Soldier Field, Diana Ross missing an open goal in the process.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Based on the 1986 novel Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis’ big screen adaptation starring Tom Hanks is released on 6th July. The film won the 67th Academy Awards for the Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing.

Death of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the American rock band Nirvana, is found dead at his home in Seattle on 8th April. The official cause of death is recorded as suicide.

King of the jungle

Disney’s 32nd animated feature The Lion King is released on 15th June. The film goes on to win two Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, and (as of 2016) is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animation of all time.

SSAT class of 1994

Schools to have joined SSAT in 1994, and still be part of the SSAT network, include:

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