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Don’t forget these tools when reviewing and planning your school’s focus areas

If you are setting aside time for your leadership team to work together this term, you might find one of SSAT’s self-review and planning tools useful, which are available for you and your team to use as part of your SSAT membership at no additional cost.

SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education and 4 Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design both provide a structure and key questions to prompt discussion and guide your thinking.

SSAT Framework for Exceptional Education

SSAT developed this flagship school improvement framework with support from a pilot group of schools from the Leading Edge network. It consists of ten strands of practice, within three overarching areas: Teaching and learning, Professional practice and Leadership.

The framework is an ideal activity for a leadership team planning day – ask each member of the team to decide where you are on each strand beforehand and use this as the basis for discussion. Or select one of the ten strands or three key areas to focus on. Some schools have also asked the wider staff to complete the self-review and used these outcomes to inform discussion.

Download from the Library in the Exchange

4 Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design

We know that curriculum is a key focus for many schools at the moment, particularly since Ofsted have placed renewed emphasis on curriculum intent and breadth. With this in mind, we produced the 4 Pillars of Principled Curriculum Design, which provides key questions for schools to consider in relation to Intent, Content, Delivery and Experience.

SSAT has long championed a principled approach to curriculum design and believe that schools are best placed to decide what is in the best interests of their pupils. As such the four pillars are designed to ensure that you have asked yourself the right questions and can feel confident in justifying and evidencing your decisions.

Download from the Library in the Exchange

If you would like any support with either of the self-review and planning frameworks, contact your Relationship Manager to arrange a conversation with a member of our education team.

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