Early Career Teacher Inspirations

Angelina Idun, Director at SSAT, reflects on the launch of the SSAT Early Career Teacher Inspirations launch event that took place earlier in the week, as we welcome new teachers to the profession.

It was a pleasure to host the recent launch of SSAT’s Early Career Teacher Inspirations Programme online. The event started with a simple question asking our Early Career Teachers how the first two weeks in school have been. This is how they responded.

For those of you mentoring Early Career Teachers or supporting their work in other ways the range of responses and emotions expressed will come as no surprise. From the very beginning you will be keen to channel energy and positivity, enhance knowledge, while continually offering reassurances the ECT’s in your schools will, with time become the highly skilled professionals they aspire to be. You will no doubt be sharing similar messages to the ones given at the launch event, letting ECT’s know how much we value them and how committed we are to supporting their learning and development in the next two years and beyond.

Those participating in the launch gained inspiration, insight and practical tips from guest speakers Mike Brett, Deputy Director of ATTI and from two teachers who have very recent experience of completing their NQT/ECT year Jaime Phipps, Eltham Hill School and Andy Johnson, The Green School for Girls.

Included in a previous edition of Sunday Supplement, was a letter from Mike Brett to all ECT’s and a recording of his input at the launch event. Please share these with your Early Career Teachers.

The SSAT Early Career Teacher Inspirations which runs over two terms begins on Wednesday 6 October. Andy Johnson spoke at the launch about how the practical way in which last year’s inspirations programme, without being onerous, supported him as a teacher during his first year in school.

New to the profession? We’re here to help.

Highlighting the positive, rewarding aspects of the profession that keeps teachers like you inspired, we address some of the issues and challenges Early Career Teachers are likely to face. Find out how we are able to support you.

We look forward to being part of the journey of ECT’s in your school this year and well beyond.

Not to worry if you missed the launch, we recorded the event so you can still take away key information and begin inspiring the next generation.

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