Moving from performance management to professional learning

Supporting wellbeing through moving from performance management to professional learning: The Addey’s Way.

One challenge facing all schools is to effectively balance school improvement with staff wellbeing. At Addeys, one way we have wokrred on this is by making changes to how we run performance management. We have replaced this with a professional learning process which is far more collaborative and connects directly with our school development principles.

Heart of Oak 2020-22

Professional learning or performance management?

The main differences between professional learning and performance management are:

  1.  We do not set targets with numerical success criteria as we identified that staff feel disheartened by these. these have been replaced by ambitious commitments which colleagues work on collaboratively.
  2. Commitments are not measured in a met/not met way, but to support the school ethos of ‘Value the Process’. Staff regularly reflect on, and record, how they have engaged in the process.
  3. All teachers, including leaders, have a commitment which is fully focused on classroom practice and supports our Compelling Learning Process. This ensures that we never lose sight of the fact that learning is the most important thing that happens in our school.
  4. All staff contribute to the school recover plan in another commitment. This helps to ensure people’s commitments are aligned and are pulling in the same direction.

Let us know your thoughts!

Have you adopted a similar approach in your school? Or maybe, a completely different one but with similar outcomes? Then we would love to hear from you. Share your insights and developments with your Relationship Manager, and then we can share them with colleagues in the network.

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