National recognition of excellent practice in education: Lead Practitioner Accreditation

Razben Miah, Subject Leader of Computing, The Ongar Academy, sat with Ejike Agubor, Senior Relationship Manager to explain why she sought to complete the SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation, and the importance of having her practice recognised.

Lead Practitioner – Rooted in action research

As a recently accredited Lead Practitioner, Razben beings explaining that her experience in raising standards across teaching and learning, encouraged her to seek a qualification to recognise the work that she has done, as well as the work she continues to do.

As part of a multi-national academy, she highlights how the SSAT Lead Practitioner Accreditation assisted her in facilitating cross-departmental relationships at The Ongar Academy, as staff outside of her department wanted to be involved in the action-research project; not only to be part of the research, but to implement its findings within their own departments.

Detailing the school-wide impact the accreditation has had since becoming a Lead Practitioner, Razben highlights how the sharing of practice and pedagogy between staff has enabled her and the wider team to establish new relationships with primary schools in the surrounding area; developing a curriculum that enhances their teaching and learning strategies.

As the interview continues, Razben opens up about challenges she faced during the project as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, having to adapt and find innovative approaches to teaching and learning but at the same time, having the opportunity to undertake leadership roles that challenged who she was as a practitioner.

Lead Practitioner – Recognising the skills, experience and quality of school staff at every level

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