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Your country needs you

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… The future of the country depends on the quality of the teaching workforce. Research from academics such as Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves demonstrates that if you want a high performing education system, a
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The summer-born effect

Chris Smith, Student Impact Coordinator SSAT, writes… The idea that the month in which you are born can determine your characteristics and fate in life is one that humans have hung onto for thousands of years. Indeed, it still exists
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Dee Palmer-Jones

A sad day for TEEP It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dee Palmer-Jones on Sunday 1 December, 2013. Prior to retirement, Dee led the development of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme for many years after
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Branding democracy: let’s start in schools

Chris Smith, Student Impact Coordinator, SSAT writes… ‘Don’t bother voting’. This is Russell Brand’s message to us all. Brand’s recent interview with Jeremy Paxman has caught the public attention. Receiving praise, derision and serious political commentary in almost equal measure.
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Reflections on JFK

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive SSAT, writes… I was watching television with my grandparents on Friday 22 November 1963 when coverage was interrupted to announce that President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, Texas. I was stunned – Kennedy
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SSAT and core mathematics

Nicola Garratt, Programme Manager SSAT, writes… Elizabeth Truss announced in October that core mathematics qualifications will be introduced from September 2015: but what does this mean for our post-16 students? At present around 50% of pupils do not continue with
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