Pamphlet 1 – Why change is needed

Throughout this week, Sue Williamson’s Redesigning Schooling pamphlet – Why change is needed – will be arriving in SSAT member schools. Sue’s pamphlet is the first of nine editions that will be published over the coming months, culminating with What the new professionalism means for the UK in Spring 2014. Throughout the series, educationalists such as Michael Fullan, Bill Lucas, Andy Hargreaves, Dylan Wiliam and Guy Claxton will provide us with fascinating insight into how we can redesign the profession.

Why change is needed includes the following:

  • Where we are now, and how we got here
  • Globalisation
  • The economic imperative
  • The journey so far: from personalising learning to leading system redesign
  • What do we need to do?
  • The new professionalism
  • Answering the big questions

Additional copies of this pamphlet are available to members for £10 per copy, and to non-members for £15 per copy. Email to place an order.

The next pamphlet in the series is What kind of teaching for what kind of learning? – co-authored by Professors Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton and will be arriving in schools in the next couple of weeks.

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