Pamphlets 3 & 4 – Principled curriculum design and Working with stakeholders

In the week before half-term, the third and fourth editions of our Redesigning Schooling pamphlets arrived in SSAT member schools. Dylan Wiliam’s Principled curriculum design and Peter Chambers’ Working with stakeholders are the third and fourth pamphlets of nine to be published. The series will now take a short break for the SSAT National Conference in December – the next milestone in the Redesigning Schooling campaign. Tom Middlehurst’s Student Impact in the redesigned school will be the fifth pamphlet, to be published in January 2014.

Dylan Wiliam’s Principled curriculum design includes:

  • Why educate?
  • What is curriculum?
  • Principles of curriculum design
  • Applying the principles

Peter Chambers’ Working with stakeholders includes:

  • The economic imperative
  • Clarity of direction
  • What do employers want?
  • Where employers and educationists agree
  • A businesslike approach to school governance
  • What schools and students need from employers
  • Role of further and higher education
  • Role of government
  • Role of the wider community
  • A coherent whole

Additional copies of this pamphlet are available to members for £10 per copy, and to non-members for £15 per copy. Visit the Redesigning Schooling section to find out more.

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