Sue Williamson on principled curriculum design

A follow-up to Sue’s first video message, this film introduces Dylan Wiliam’s Redesigning Schooling pamphlet Principled curriculum design. Dylan’s pamphlet is the third in a series of nine pamphlets and provides an insightful exploration into curriculum design and how the national curriculum can be adapted to form the basis for high-quality school curricula.

The ideas presented in the pamphlet will be developed further by Tim Oates at our national conference on 5-6 December 2013. Tim will lead a session in the morning of the second day of the conference that will explore the freedoms school’s have to shape their own curriculum.

‘Badgers move the goalposts’

23 October 2013

Pamphlets 3 & 4 – Principled curriculum design and Working with stakeholders

30 October 2013