SSAT delivery – Stepping up to Senior Leadership

Stepping up to senior leadership

Moving from middle to senior leadership requires a mind-set shift to whole school thinking. SSAT’s Stepping Up to Senior Leadership programme is designed to equip your teams with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to positively influence and impact the school they lead.

How does it work?

Using SSAT’s quality assured materials, two teachers from your school will attend an online Train-the-Trainer event to become qualified trainers. They can then deliver the programme to a cohort of staff in your school or across your networks creating the opportunity to generate new and significant income streams.

The launch session on 23 June 2022 offers enhanced networking with like-minded schools and sharing implementation strategies. Or if that doesn’t work, we can offer bespoke dates of your choosing at no extra cost.

Course Content

There are five fully resourced modules with tutor notes to enable in-house delivery.

  1. Personal and professional readiness
  2. Developing a vision for yourself as a senior leader
  3. Leading change and managing complexity
  4. Leading, motivating and influencing
  5. Finance and HR management

Each module is designed as a two-hour training session. Modules are not intended as a one size fits all approach as we recognise that no ‘off the shelf’ package will completely meet a school’s needs. We encourage you to tailor materials in a way that suits your context and choose to select, adapt and add to the content.

Join us and a network of practitioners, organisations and people with a passion for education.

Key facts


£1250 + £200 per module


£1825 + £300 per module




Thursday 23 June 2022
On-demand – you decide!

Group sizes:

Deliver training to groups of up to 20 participants.

Minimum purchase five modules.

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Module 1: Personal and professional readiness

Aims for the session

To develop your personal and professional readiness for senior leadership through:

  • Reflecting on what may be different about senior leadership roles
  • Discussing concerns and potential challenges
  • Reflecting on your professional journeys and how these experiences have prepared you for the role
  • Evaluating your own strengths and areas for development
  • Becoming more self-aware, more emotionally intelligent
  • Reflective leadership coaching

Module 2: Developing a vision for yourself as a senior leader

Aims for the session

To develop your personal and professional readiness for senior leadership through exploring:

  • Your own leadership vision, moral purpose and values
  • Importance of vision alignment
  • How culture contributes to high performance
  • Differences between strategic leadership and management
  • Leadership approaches and styles and their application
  • characteristics of strong schools

Module 3: Leading change and managing complexity

Aims for the session

To develop your understanding of leading change and complexity through exploring:

  • Implications for leading in a time of constant change
  • Theories and models to support effective change management
  • How you can lead change and manage complexity
  • Difference between ‘wicked’ and ‘tame’ problems. How you can apply the learning in their contexts

Module 4: Leading, motivating and influencing

Aims for the session

To develop your theoretical and practical understanding of leadership, motivation and influence through exploring:

  • The three circles model of leadership
  • Theories of motivation and how you can motivate others
  • The power of influence, how you can influence others and how others influence the work you do
  • Strategic leadership for school improvement

Module 5: School budgets, finance and human resource management

Aims for the session

To develop understanding of school budgets, finance and human resource issues through exploring:

  • How schools are funded and how finance is managed
  • How you can save your school money and generate income
  • Some key principles related to financial management in schools
  • The role a senior leader plays in HR issues and the skills you need to do this
  • Building upon & applying what you learnt