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SSAT National Conference 2015 – day two

SSAT National Conference 2015How time flies – the SSAT National Conference 2015 has come to a close. We’ve picked out the very best bits from day two of #SSATNC15 – giving you an insight into an incredible day.

Protecting children’s mental health – Professor Tanya Byron

Bridging the social class gap in educational outcomes – Professor Becky Francis

Using Lead Practitioners to develop the quality of whole school teaching and learning – Chobham Academy

Leading teaching and learning – Ross Morrison McGill

Plenary session 5 – Student performance – Rainhill School


A huge thank you to everyone who made the SSAT National Conference 2015 so memorable – make sure you keep an eye out for more conference content over the coming weeks.

SSAT National Conference 2015 – day one

3 December 2015

SSAT NC15 – Dr Russ Quaglia – Student voice and aspirations: the key to unlocking schools’ potential

8 December 2015