WATCH: SSAT Special Schools and SEND network webinar with Surita Meyer

In this webinar, Surita Meyer, assistant head and Thrive trainer at Perseid School shares how the school uses the Thrive approach to inform their practice in supporting the pupils’ emotional wellbeing and emotional development.

During the presentation, Surita explains the impact of life events and how repeated positive relational experiences can support pupils’ emotional wellbeing. As sometimes life events happen that return us to early places in our emotional development.

During the webinar Surita also answers questions from members of the SSAT Special Schools and SEND network.

Recorded on Friday 26 June 2020.

Download edited slides

Resources mentioned in the webinar

Building the Bonds of Attachment by Daniel A. Hughes

Attachment in Common Sense and Doodles by Miriam Silver

Dr. Dan Siegel’s Hand Model of the Brain

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