What does your vision for education look like?

Vision 2040

A vision for education – beyond five-year policy cycles

United through a desire to work together to promote an evidence-informed, innovative and reforming approach to education, the Vision 2040 group have envisaged what they hope education will look like 25 years from now.

The group shares with you this vision in the hope that it will enable you to rise above the inherent short-termism of the policy cycle that so often stifles long-term strategic thinking and prevents the profession from agreeing on a shared purpose for education.

This pamphlet has come about through the increasing willingness of teachers to work together, using social media, and through national networks like SSAT, to shape a better future for all children. We hope the next government will engage with our vision and enter into a constructive dialogue with us.
Chair of the Vision 2040 group, headteacher Stephen Tierney

Read it, talk about it, challenge it, or write your own vision for 2040. Most importantly, share the pamphlet with your colleagues, your students’ parents, your governors, and the employers and other stakeholders you work with.

Get involved in the conversation on Twitter – remember to tag your tweets with #Vis2040

This is a potentially game-changing statement of intent. For far too long, teachers’ professionalism has been compromised – forced to be technicians, delivering top-down policy initiatives. What this publication shows is that teachers are ready and willing to lead their own direction to ensure all young people get the education they deserve.
Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT

Download A vision for education – beyond five-year policy cycles

Building on Consensus

Building on consensus

SSAT has also launched Building on consensus – a series of policy recommendations informed by discussions with policymakers, academics and teachers that could lay the groundwork for the implementation of a teacher-led vision.

Download Building on consensus

SSAT member schools will shortly receive hard copies of both publications.

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